Innovative Community Investment Strategies

Across the United States, there are multi-sector partnerships forming between hospital and health systems, public health, community development and other sectors to explore innovative ways to invest in prevention and the social determinants of health. These partnerships a common theme of aligning and optimizing limited resources and thinking more creatively about how to fund community health needs.

This research report identifies various innovative community investment strategies currently being tested and implemented across the nation, as well as the multitude of partnerships and opportunities emerging in the field.  The report provides a high-level overview of our key findings and recommendations, with links to additional resources throughout the document.  Sections include overarching key findings, partnerships, investment strategies, specific financing mechanisms, data sharing, and recommendations for implementation in Southern California.

Key Recommendations include:

  • Establishing public health departments as core partners in all innovative community investment strategies.
  • Hospital leadership championing innovative community investment strategies in Southern California.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships among the community development, public health, and health care sectors in Southern to invest in community health needs.
  • Exploring alternatives outside of traditional funding mechanisms for greater alignment with resources in other sectors.
  • Extending evaluation measures beyond just return on investment and incorporating health and equity outcomes.
  • Enacting state policies that could enable, facilitate and potentially fund local innovative financing strategies.

    Support for this report was provided by The California Endowment and Blue Shield of California Foundation


Susan Harrington
Executive Director,
Communities Lifting Communities
Hospital Association of Southern California
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