Our Vision, Mission & Values


Local coalitions will work as a cohesive network of stakeholders  to achieve optimal community health improvement. 


To assist hospitals, public health departments, and other stakeholders  to collectively move the needle on reducing health disparities and  improving community health throughout Southern California. 



In February 2018, HASC member hospitals and AllHealth, HASC’s  wholly owned subsidiary, committed $1 million to CLC over two  years. This initial investment allowed CLC to hire an Executive Director  and a Project Manager in July 2018 and to contract with subject  matter experts to help develop priority areas and community health  improvement initiatives. This two-year investment by hospitals and  health systems demonstrated a significant willingness to participate  in and financially support CLC and was strongly encouraged by  foundation partners. CLC has received additional investments from  AllHealth totaling $600,000 and grants and sponsorships totaling over  $4M from Blue Shield of California Foundation, Blue Shield of California  Promise Health Plan, California Health Care Foundation, Centene  Foundation for Quality Healthcare, First 5 LA, Health Net, The California  Endowment and UniHealth Foundation.