Report: Creating Dramatic Public Health Gains Through Innovative Community Investment

The innovative community investment strategy models outlined in the report have made a mark in multiple regions across the U.S. but have been slow to spread to Southern California. Emerging partnerships between public health departments and hospitals seek to change that. Through a review of more than 100 resources and case studies and 30 key informant interviews, the new report identifies best practices where partnerships and investment strategies address the root causes of health inequities and improve community health.

The report also includes recommendations for implementing similar partnerships in Southern California.

Key recommendations include:

  • Establishing public health departments as core partners in all innovative community investment strategies.
  • Hospital leadership championing innovative community investment strategies in Southern California.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships among the community development sector in Southern California with the health care and public health sectors to invest in community health needs.
  • Exploring alternatives outside of traditional funding mechanisms for greater alignment with resources in other sectors.
  • Extending evaluation measures beyond just return on investment, and incorporating health and equity outcomes.
  • Enacting state policies which could enable, facilitate and potentially fund local innovative financing strategies.

The Alliance and CLC are scheduled to host a Capstone Roundtable seminar event on April 28 as part of HASC’s 2021 Annual Meeting to promote the report and hear from several community investment innovators. More details on the event will be announced soon.

Support for this report was provided by The California Endowment and Blue Shield of California Foundation.

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