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Weather Appropriate Clothing Marketplace

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) has partnered with Bob Barker Company, Inc. to offer hospitals and other health care and homeless service providers a discount on weather-appropriate clothing.

As an Association member and/or provider of services to homeless individuals, you will be able to take advantage of an average discount of 25% on clothing, undergarments, jackets, ponchos, shoes and socks in many sizes.

CLC/HASC would like to thank the hospital discharge planners and case managers who provided extensive input into the list of available items. 


Consulting Services

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) offers business and consulting services for strategic planning, evaluation, data integration and implementation support services to improve community health through ongoing initiatives to reduce health disparities.

We also have expertise in health care coordination, health data management, health policy and streamlining health systems and clinical operations.


Health Assessment Services

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) offers health assessment services to help health systems, public health departments and communities organize health improvement, health equity, health policy action, compliance and administrative assessment processes.

For more information contact: 

Karen Ochoa 
Project Manager
Communities Lifting Communities 
Ph. (213) 538-0765 


Promoting Public Awareness and Collaboration With
Health Care, Public Health and Local Communities

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) promotes public awareness and collaboration with health care, hospital, public health departments and local communities to achieve advances in the field of health equity.

CLC actively assists hospitals, public health departments and community organizations to assess community health needs, improve community health and reduce health disparities.