Birth Equity Initiative

A joint initiative to reduce maternal and infant health inequities and improve the patient experience in Los Angeles County.

Cherished Futures for Black Moms & Babies

Cherished Futures is a joint initiative of Communities Lifting Communities, the Public Health Alliance of South California, and the Hospital Association of Southern California.

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Tackling Long-Standing Black Maternal & Infant Health Inequities in Los Angeles County

Cherished Futures is a multi-sector collaborative initiative to reduce Black infant deaths and improve patient experience and safety for Black moms and birthing families in Los Angeles County.

Guided by the data and grounded in Black women’s experiences, Cherished Futures is a two-year cohort experience that brings together decision-makers from local birthing hospitals, public health departments, health plans, and Black community leaders to co-design systems-change solutions across three systems levels: clinical, institutional, and community.

Fast Facts

  • The rate of preterm birth among Black women is 50% higher than for white or Asian women (CDC Reference)
  • Black women are 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes compared to white women (AMA Reference)
  • Black women report experiencing discrimination when getting medical care more than other racial/ethnic groups

Our Approach


Teams actively review disaggregated data by race and ethnicity to identify equity gaps


Protocols for timely treatment of hypertension; exclusive breastfeeding


Implicit bias training; centering respectful maternal care


Strengthen partnerships with doulas and resources; engage Black patients through focus groups and patient experience surveys

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