Vetannie Morton

Vetannie Morton joined the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) in 2016. She collaboratively worked alongside HASC’s Chief of Advocacy and Operations to support and enhance the ability of hospitals and health systems to cost-effectively deliver high-quality health care to the communities they serve. Vetannie was promoted to Coordinator of Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion (DHEI) Programs in 2022 and works closely with the CLC team to develop and implement DHEI programs and played a vital role in the launch of the Supplier Diversity Initiative. She continues to strategically collaborate with hospital advocacy and policy teams, championing members’ interests on a legislative level to ensure that healthcare policies align with DHEI principles. Vetannie Morton’s dedication to fostering a more inclusive health care environment extends beyond organizational boundaries, as she actively engages with external stakeholders to promote industry-wide awareness and best practices.

In February 2023, Vetannie achieved the DiversityFIRSTâ„¢ Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) designation, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the realm of diversity.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Vetannie finds joy in exploring nature with her two canine companions, Sam and Charlie. A culinary enthusiast with a passion for savoring delicious cuisines from diverse cultures, she also nurtures her love for exploration by traveling the world.