Advancing Community Health

Regional convenings with health care, public health, and community stakeholders to explore community health data, priorities, and improvement strategies and identify opportunities for alignment across institutions.

Our Projects

Through quality improvement pilot projects addressing clinical care, organizational change, and community engagement strategies, CLC will focus on improving birth outcomes, homelessness, and behavioral health. As projects move from the pilot to implementation phase, CLC can assist with replicating projects proven to have community health impact.

Below is a sampling of some of our projects to showcase what we do.

Inland Empire Behavioral Health Collaborative

The Inland Empire Behavioral Health Collaborative is led by the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) and Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) and focuses on improving mental/behavioral health care delivery for patients coming to emergency departments in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  Through multistakeholder collaboration, learning workshops and discussions, the collaborative members aim to identify barriers, explore partnerships, share best practices, center community and patient voices, and identify potential solutions to ensure a more efficient and effective emergency department experience.

The Los Angeles County Community Health Assessment and Action Partnership (LA Partnership)

The Los Angeles County Community Health Assessment and Action Partnership (LA Partnership) – a collaborative of more than 30 nonprofit hospitals and health systems, public health departments and community partners – undertook research into current and planned hospital strategies for collaboration in services, program supports, and investments to address homelessness in LA County. A recently issued, 30-page report outlines the research findings, focusing on challenges inherent in collaboration across competitive lines, and opportunities to develop aligned operational strategies to meet the demands of addressing homelessness within the health care context. The report also focuses on the need to engage health care leadership and strengthen collaborative planning and investment among hospitals, public health agencies, and community stakeholders to gain greater community impact.

Supplier Diversity

The hospital supplier diversity initiative aims to foster equity and economic opportunity for diverse-owned businesses in the Hospital Association of Southern California region. The program focuses on developing a regional hospital-inclusive procurement strategy by working closely with hospitals to improve their procurement processes and practices to include diverse suppliers. By reducing barriers faced by diverse-owned businesses in accessing hospital contracts, the initiative seeks to increase supplier diversity and promote inclusion. The initiative provides support to the Supplier Diversity Committee, offering guidance and implementation strategies.

Diversity, Health, Equity, and Inclusion

CLC and HASC are committed to diversity and inclusion and addressing health, racial and social inequities by fostering a culture that values differences and similarities equally.

Call to Action

Together we can advance health equity and economic opportunity in our communities. By actively participating in our initiatives, we can drive meaningful change. Let us collaborate, advocate, and implement strategies to improve supplier diversity, address social determinants of health, foster inclusive economies, and enhance access to equitable care. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all. Join us by participating in one of our initiatives today!